Semco Route Maintenance


Semco Manutenção Volante (SMV), (Semco Route Maintenance in English) carries multi-site facilities services for companies that have branches, stores, or premises spread-out in a variety of locations.

SMV was founded in 2001. It filled a need for a greater focus on the mobile maintenance markets by providing more efficient services for infrastructure, such as bank branches, retail stores, service stations, telecom sites, shopping centers, industrial buildings, and other sectors that required a solution involving the management of complex operations across geographically diverse service points.

As an industry pioneer, SMV quickly consolidated its position as a market leader. At the start of 2007, SMV had more than 500 employees and branches in all of Brazil’s major cities. SMV served more than 5,000 locations nationwide.

After the five years of success which followed its creation, Semco sold its stake in SMV to the Danish group ISS. The latter company is one of the largest services firms in the world and has been seeking to increase the range of its activities in the Brazilian market beyond facilities cleaning and industrial maintenance services.

We were looking for experts to help us expand into new areas in Brazil and who understood our facility management and services company. We identified SMV, owned by Semco at the time, and saw its potential as an acquisition. So we approached Ricardo Semler who helped integrate the SMV business as well as widen our network in Brazil to target other business categories, like banks. Semco opened their doors, whether it would benefit them or not. They always enhanced the level of success for their ventures and took ownership by bringing value to its businesses.

In Brazil, we recognized that we needed partners who had the network and personality to connect with many people. Semco had those connections and offered them up freely. If I was to go back to Brazil, my first call would be to Semco.

— Stig Pastwa
Former COO, Americas and Western Europe, ISS.