Joint-Venture Catalysts
for expansion in Brazil

Semco Partners partners with foreign companies, leverages your business and then lets you grow alone when it is consolidated, working as an enzyme for your expansion. We mitigate the risks of internationalization by providing everything you need to establish your company in the 7th World Economy.

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What we do

We are an active portfolio manager that adds value to a variety foreign corporations expanding their business in Brazil. Our mission is to seek out new businesses, oversee existing businesses, and promote synergies among them. Read more →

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Risk Mitigation

We are intimately familiar with business on the ground in Brazil: economy, politics, culture…

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Extraordinary Professionals

We attract top market analysts, deal architects and managers to work on our ventures.

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Skin in the Game

We invest our resources in all of our joint ventures and share risk with our partners.

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Deep Market Knowledge

60 years of brand awareness in the country brings a strong network with customers and suppliers.

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We have many years of experience launching and running new businesses locally.

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Proven Track Record

30+ years practicing a unique and proven business model with 20+ successful ventures.

Ready to Expand your Business in Brazil?

Semco Partners offers an extensive network of contacts, direct access to target customers, informed risk monitoring, innovative management techniques, cultural proficiency, a brand recognized and trusted by the market, and, above all, an incomparable record of success in bringing multinationals to Brazil.

Business Model

Semco Partners forms joint ventures (usually equal participation) with global companies looking to invest in Brazil. We partner with both start-ups or companies seeking to reinvigorate existing operations.


  • Position among top two players in their industry and market;
  • Cutting edge proprietary technology and/or intellectual property;
  • Potential for fast development in Brazil;
  • Healthy financial situation;
  • Fit with the Brazilian market;


  • Thought leadership and proven execution track record of their products, services and technology;
  • Consistent investment in research and development;
  • International references;
  • Strong, recognized brand in home market;
  • Appetite for international growth.

Do you meet these pre-requisites?

If so, your company may be a fit for a partnership with us. Please tell us more about its and we will be in touch.

Don't Take Our Word For it

Our past performance speaks for itself. No other entity partner is better equipped to adapt, launch, and develop successful businesses across different sectors in Brazil.

Semco has a terrific grasp of the business realities in Brazil. We were a success.
- Dan Sheffield - President, Global Customer Service and Business Development
They always enhanced the level of success in their joint-ventures, becoming owners by bringing value to its business.
- Stig Pastwa - Former COO, Americas and Western Europe, ISS
We were able to capture a lot of market share and our company became a leader in the sector in Brazil.
- Arthur J. Mirante II - Principal & Tri-State President of Avison Young
That's the hallmark of a great partner. The are very smart, very collaborative and they don't let egos get in the way of doing business.
- Michael J. Critelli - Former Chairman of Pitney Bowes
SEMCO was pivotal to our breaking into that market. We enjoyed and excellent relationship with them and we parted on best of terms.
- Robin Bidwell - Chairman of ERM Foundation
SEMCO identified the opportunity, well before the explosion of growth in the Brazilian market.
- John C. Santora - President, CEO, Corporate Occupier & Investor Services of Cushman & Wakefield

Why invest in Brazil?

Timing could not be better.
Recently inflated asset values have given way to a time-sensitive opportunity to create a global presence at a much reduced investment. And Semco Partners, with its long track record of good timing, giving in-depth advice and making much of little, is honed for this new phase.