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We are an active portfolio manager adding value to FOREIGN COMPANIES LEVERAGING THEIR BUSINESS in Brazil

More than 20 years practicing a proven successful business model focused on consolidating foreign businesses in Brazil

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Meet the team

Meet the team

Ricardo Semler

Chairman and Non Executive Partner

Semco Group’s major shareholder and chairman since the ’80, is also a founding shareholder of Tarpon Investments. Author of several bestsellers on business, he is a visiting scholar at Harvard and MIT with an OPM degree from Harvard Business School. Ricardo is the founder of Lumiar school and Ralston Semler Foundation (To learn about the foundation, visit: www.ralstonsemler.org.br)


Alexandre Bonfim de Azevedo

CEO & Managing Partner

Alex joined Semco Group in 2005 as CEO for Pitney Bowes Semco JV and in 2012 became CEO and Managing Partner of Semco Partners. Previously, he held key executive positions at Telefonica and IBM.  Alex has a Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics from Escola Nacional de Ciencias Estatisticas (ENCE).  He holds a Master’s Degree in Strategy and Business Administration from INSPER (Institute of Education and Research), a Brazilian higher education institution focusing on business and economics.  He is a Harvard Business School certified executive and sits on the boards of Pitney Bowes Brazil and H&R Block Brazil.


Philippe Reichstul

Non Executive Partner

Philippe has been involved with Semco Group since 2006. He has a bachelor’s in economics, University of São Paulo, and post-graduate at Hertford College, Oxford. Was CEO at: IPEA, Petrobras, Globopar, and Brenco. Board member on: Peugeot Citroen S. A., Repsol YPF, Foster Wheeler, and Gafisa. Advisory board member on: ABDIB, Coinfra, Lhoist do Brasil Ltda., UTC, and GVT. Vice chairman of the board of the Foundation for Sustainable Development and vice president at Einstein Hospital. Former board of member on: Louis Dreyfus Brasil, Ashmore Energy International, BNDES, among others.


José Violi Filho


Violi has been Semco Group executive for more than 30 years. During this term, Violi has had many different responsibilities in the financial department. He was previously Semco Group CFO and CEO. He is also a board member at Semco Partners joint ventures.


Jorge Lima


Jorge has worked since the ’90s for Semco Group, where he held several leadership positions, including CEO for Johnson Controls, Semco Serviços Integrados, Semco Manutenção Volante, and executive director for Cushman Wakefield. When Semco Group sold SMV to ISS in 2007, he became the CEO for ISS Brazil. In 2012, he returned to Semco Partners. Jorge holds a mechanical engineering degree and post-graduate degree in environmental and quality processes.


Michel Harari


Michel has been with Semco Group since 2002 and became a partner in 2007. He focuses on business development. He has been involved in projects like Pitney Bowes, H&R Block, GMF Gouda, Loedige, among others. He has previously worked at Natura and Francap. He holds a degree in business administration from FGV. Michel is co-founder of the NGO Associação Prato Cheio and a board member at ALEF School.

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