Europe seeks business with Brazil in environmental projects

The intention is to bring together small and medium-sized companies from Brazil and Europe, to promote the exchange of experiences that may increase the use of technologies to reduce greenhouse gases in the Brazilian industry.

The aim is to promote the exchange of innovative experiences and support companies in the transition to the technologies and low-carbon processes.

The initiative is based on the Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil, a project which is already identifying areas and economic sectors in the country.

There will be three rounds of negotiations this year – the first should be in August –  and at least three more next year, with the participation of about 720 Brazilian and European companies.

The project will finance up to 80% of logistics costs and travels of selected companies. Also, it will promote cooperation agreements for greater competitiveness and environmental sustainability of the participating companies.

The investment will amount to 3.000.000 € by 2018, for operational funding of contacts. In a second step, there should be financial support mechanisms to enable companies to develop the proposals.

The senior expert in low-carbon technologies of the project, Ricardo Esparta, points out that there is already an emissions reduction market in the European Union.

Their members  are the main actors in the international discussion of a low-carbon economy. Therefore, there is interest in investing in countries like Brazil, where these technologies are still in development.

Biogas is one of the sectors that should be prominent in business roundtables, as the country has a huge potential for natural gas production. “There is potential in Brazil, but there is still a lack of technology, capacity and know-how that can be supplied by ready-made technologies.

In Europe, the Biogas market is much more developed. So instead of starting from scratch, we can get a slightly more advanced thing, adapt to Brazil and start producing better here”, says the expert.

In order to bring companies interested in partnerships for the development of environmental technologies, the National Industry Confederation (CNI) will promote business meetings during the fair Pollutec in São Paulo.

The Brazilian companies will exchange experiences and try to close business partnerships in this field with companies from France, Belgium and Spain.

During the two days of business meetings (April 13th and 14th), the estimate is to promote US$ 4 million in intercompany transactions. The CNI action will be made in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion (Apex-Brazil) with the support of the project Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil.

“It is an important opportunity for Brazilian companies that want to identify trading partners and focused technology for this specific area, within what is the vocation of the Brazilian productive sector in the theme environment, such as water treatment, waste management companies or renewable energy “, says the International services manager of the CNI, Sarah Saldanha.

The Pollutec is an international trade fair, considered the largest hall with a focus on technologies for the environment in the world.

It is the first time the event takes place in Brazil. The forecast is that 80 national and international companies will present solutions and innovations in all environmental activities and sanitation.